Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Quick Update and a Confused MD

Just a quick update . . . yesterday we had an appointment with the perinatologist who specializes in high risk situations and will be taking over my OB care for the remainder of my pregnancy. Before we met with her, however, we met with another doctor who seemed . . . less than competent.


This doctor seemed like she had just graduated medical school last week and didn't seem to really have an idea of what was going on. We asked questions and she often just seemed . . . confused. And these were basic questions like "what was my blood pressure?" which was written on the chart in front of her. Her response? "Uh . . . I don't know . . ."

"Yeah, I can't see any bricks . . ."

She might have had better luck if she'd actually looked up my charts and records on the computer that was in the room for that purpose . . . but then again, maybe not.

"Wait, so the knee bone is connected to the . . . what?"

Afterwards, the perinatologist briefly came in to meet with us. She has a tendency to sermonize at us a little (and give me the same spiel as the last time I saw her) but Jon found the best way to get a dialogue going is to just jump right in the middle of her monologue. Her bedside manner isn't our favorite but she seems extremely knowledgable and comes highly recommended from a friend who works at St. Joseph's. We trust that she'll take good care of me as well as Max during delivery (as she will thankfully be delivering him and not the other doctor . . . ).

Aside from the confused doctor who couldn't read my chart, the appointment went well. Max and I both look good and he's just getting bigger :-)

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