Friday, January 10, 2014

A Happy Heart Appointment!

On Wednesday we had another appointment with our cardiologist. Going into the appointment, we were both feeling pretty anxious. Although we love our cardiologist and everyone in that office, our appointments there have not given us great news in the past.

"Your son DOES have HLHS!"
"He might not survive the pregnancy!"
"His tricuspid valve regurgitation is worse!"
"He needs a heart transplant!"

"But on the up side, we can validate your parking!"

This time, however, it turns out that I needn't have wasted the anxiety worrying about the appointment all day. Max looks great (well, great considering the circumstances). His tricuspid valve regurgitation, while severe, has not worsened since our last visit three weeks ago and he's still very stable where he is. Our cardiologist is also very optimistic of Max's stability after birth while he waits for a heart to become available (with the aid of the necessary hormones and medical equipment and what have you of course). So really, this is the first time our cardiologist got to tell us that things look good and Max doesn't need to come out ASAP.

Our cardiologist did, however, have this reaction when he found out Max is still breech:

Yeah. Us, too.

I'm at 36 weeks today so I still have three weeks before induction which is plenty of time for Max to flip over. Or not. Whatever.  As long as he's stable and we don't have to worry about his heart while he's still in utero, I'm happy.


  1. Good news!! Thanks for the update, while still dealing with this, you remain hopeful and your writing reflects the love you already have for baby Max. Day by day.

  2. Thank you! We really appreciate the support :-)