Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Checkups, Scans, and Our Last NST Test

Today we had an OB checkup and our last NST test. As usual, my blood pressure and the rest of my vitals look good. While chatting with the RN, we found out she's a Peyton Manning fan.

I knew there was a reason we liked her.


We were then seen by a med student which, at first, sent me into a PTSD flashback after remembering the last time I dealt with a med student. It was before we started the blog so I haven't posted about it but the first student I saw . . . I'm not really sure what to say. He's the one who incorrectly told me I was pre-eclamptic and when he went to listen to Max's heart, he couldn't find it. I told him Max was hanging out on the left side of my belly so naturally the med student kept searching on my right side. He finally checked the left side of my belly and, after finding the heartbeat, seemed shocked and said, "Oh, it's on the left side!"

I fear for the future of medicine.
Today's med student, however, was wonderful. Honestly, she was good enough to where I wouldn't have known she was a student and she was certainly more competent than some of the doctors we've seen. A little later, one of the doctors came in and we chatted with her a little about our induction so we can have an idea of what exactly to expect when we go in on the 3rd.

After my checkup, we headed down the hall for my last NST test. We were also scheduled for a growth scan ultrasound . . . for some reason. Last week when we asked why we needed the growth scan, the only answer we could get was "so we can see how big he's going to be!" We sort of assumed that's something we'd find out when I give birth in a couple weeks but whatever. The perinatologist's office ordered the scan so we got the scan.

Pictured: my life.

Max is currently measuring at about six and a half pounds and his measurements are all looking great. The ultrasound tech was also really nice and got us a few pictures of Max's face for us to take home. I hate having to get all these ultrasounds (I'm up to twelve at this point) but I do love getting to see Max so often. Silver linings, right?

When the tech was done, a doctor came in to review the results of the growth scan with us and basically just to tell us that everything looks great. She also told us that they got all the info they needed from the scan so we didn't need to stay for an NST test. We were excited to go home . . . until the doctor realized this was supposed to be our last appointment and we weren't planning on coming in later this week for another NST test which meant we had to stay for a test today. When I asked her to explain why we needed to do the test when she had just said that they'd gotten all the information they needed from the scan. She couldn't give me a reason other than "because I said so."

Again: my life.

Luckily Max decided to cooperate and we finished the test pretty quickly.

Now we're done with appointments until Monday (yay!) and in two very short weeks, Max will be here! And in case anyone is wondering . . . yes, Max is still breech.

"Never gonna flip over,
Never gonna be head down . . ."

I don't think he's going to flip over and I've made my peace with it. If he's comfortable and stable being breech, then it's whatever to me. I feel like I'm more concerned with other aspects of Max's birth and the start of his life rather than if he's cooperating with some ideal birth plan I'd had in my head.

Going with the flow . . . it's a lesson I'm continually learning throughout this process :-)

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