Wednesday, January 29, 2014

D-Day is Imminent

On Monday we went in for my last OB checkup. Everything still looks good and I'm scheduled for a C-section next Monday. The doctors are trying to remain optimistic that Max will flip over from breech to vertex (head down) so I won't have to have a section but Jon and I quit being optimistic a while ago.

We've made our peace with it.

We also asked the doctor to take us on a run through of who all would be there and it sounds like we're going to have at least a dozen people in the room during my C-section. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised--so many of my appointments have included an audience since Max's heart condition is so rare. But it sounds like we'll have everyone that we need on hand to take care of Max and me which is comforting.

Today we had our last appointment before delivery with our cardiologist. Max's heart looks about the same which is good. He should be pretty stable at birth with his meds in the NICU so now there really isn't much to do but wait until Monday.

I just never said I was good at it.

In the meantime, Jon and I are trying to enjoy these last few days before Max is born. We're just relaxing and really looking forward to the Superbowl on Sunday. As most of you know, Jon and I are big Broncos fans so this should be a great game.


Then the next morning, Max will be here!

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  1. This is exciting!!!! Remember to bring your camera into the room when youre having the c section, we forgot ours and the attending snapped one on his phone for us!