Monday, January 6, 2014

No Pants, No Problem

Today we saw the perinatologist. The appointment started out normally with the RN taking my weight and blood pressure (both good) and then I was told that they needed to test me for a type of strep that's really common in women. Apparently about 50% of women have it and while it normally doesn't affect anything, it's apparently possible to pass it on to the baby during delivery and God knows Max doesn't need anything else to complicate his birth. If I have it, it's not a big deal, they'll just give me antibiotics in an IV while I'm in labor.

However . . . the swab for this particular type of strep isn't taken from the throat like strep normally would be. To put it delicately, the swab site is a little . . . further south. Which wasn't a huge deal for me at the time, the RN just asked me to undress from the waist down and gave me a sheet with which to cover myself.

Then the RN left so I could change and then Jon and I sat there and waited. And waited. And waited.

Jon's dreads may have turned white during the long wait.

Finally a doctor came in to see us, although it wasn't the perinatologist yet. It was yet another young doctor and this was the first one we saw that actually seemed relatively competent (as opposed to last time . . . oy vey). She measured my belly and listened to Max's heartbeat with the doppler and told me that the perinatologist would be in shortly to discuss labor and delivery plans with us. When I asked her about the strep swab (seeing as how I was still half clothed in a sheet), she said the nurse would be back in after we spoke with the perinatologist.

"It's cool, pants are overrated anyway."

Shortly after that, someone knocked on the door but instead of being one of the expected medical personnel, it was a woman who was stopping by to tell us about a free program in which a nurse stops by periodically to check up on Max's development and milestones and makes any recommendations we might need for speech therapy and what have you. Generally I like to be fully dressed when meeting new people but oh well.

Even though she didn't seem to notice, I was starting to feel like that nightmare
where you're making a big presentation at work but you've forgotten to wear clothes.

She left and then we continued to wait. I finally decided to get dressed and just undress again later for the swab because I was tired of waiting (plus I had to use the restroom across the hall. While I'm sure the human body isn't any big deal for anyone in that office, I feel like there's maybe a limit).

But maybe not.

A little later, the perinatologist came in and she discussed our labor and delivery plans with us. To avoid any possible complications with his lungs, the doctor would like to keep Max in utero until at least 39 weeks (I'll be 36 on Friday). Naturally, Jon and I were completely on board with this since as of our last appointment, Max was doing really well where he is. The only reason we'd take him out sooner would be if his heart really wasn't doing well and the surgeons needed to start working on his heart before he's full term. We have an appointment with the cardiologist on Wednesday so we'll have a better idea of what kind of timeline we're looking at. Barring any further cardiac complications, the current plan is to probably induce me on Monday, February 3rd, which is four days before my due date.

Something else that I was pleasantly surprised to hear was that I don't necessarily have to have a C section like I thought I would. The perinatologist assured me that as long as the placenta is working well, it will keep Max's heart from going into any extra distress during labor. Because I know that things have been so up in the air with him, I'm going to prepare myself for either outcome when it comes to delivering Max, but it's kind of nice to hear that I might not have to have a C section since I assumed I would need to have one.

However, this kid is still breech so we'll see. He still has plenty of time to turn but I don't think I'm going to put forth any effort into trying to turn him. He'll either turn or he won't and I'll have the labor and birth experience that I'm going to have.

Tomorrow we have the day off from the doctor and then on Wednesday it's back in to see the cardiologist . . . fingers crossed that Max's heart is doing well enough for us to leave him in there!


  1. Did they ever do the strep swab or did they just forget completely? Glad things are going as well as possible.

  2. Yeah, after we met with the perinatologist, the RN and the young doctor came back to finally do the swab. And thanks! We're hoping for a positive appointment with the cardiologist on Wednesday, too :-)