Thursday, January 2, 2014

No Pig Babies!

On Tuesday, Jon and I went in to the doctor for something called NST testing. From what I can tell, they are testing Max's lung function/heart rate to make sure that he's getting enough oxygen to circulate through his body. To do this, I had an ultrasound so they could locate where his heart was at the moment so they knew where to put the monitors (and by the way, apparently Max was sitting sideways in my stomach doing toe touches).

Which was a nice change from what he usually does
which feels something like this.

After the ultrasound, the RN set up a couple monitors on my stomach to track his heartbeat. She took a resting heart reading and then we tried to get his heart rate to jump up in response to stimuli like drinking cold water and poking my belly with what was essentially a vibrator.

Nope, not going to post a picture of a vibrator.
Here's a puppy instead.
We think the RN might have taken the resting heart rate too soon because as soon as she left, it dropped down several beats and that's where it hung out for the bulk of the test. His heart rate did jump up in response to the stimuli but not enough beats per minute to successfully complete the test (although Jon and I disagree with this assessment based on what we think the baseline reading was). I was ushered back into the ultrasound room which ended up being pretty neat because we got to see Max's lungs take some practice breaths. Everything looked great and we were sent on our way.

I hate the reason why we have to have so many ultrasounds but on the positive side, we get to see Max a lot. I'm getting a little bit better at reading the ultrasounds as we go but there are times when the techs get all excited and want me to ooh and aah over his face and I just flat out don't see what they're talking about. I had this tech explain it to me and she printed out a couple pictures of Max's face for us to take with us, which was nice of her.

This is definitely a better experience than the last time an ultrasound tech tried to show me pictures of Max's face. It was my last ultrasound in Flagstaff and she printed out a few pictures to send home with me and was so excited by how cute his little face looked. I did not see what she saw and to me, it looked like Max had a face like one of the pig doctors from The Twilight Zone.

It's a boy!

Naturally, this made my hormonal pregnant self cry uncontrollably because I thought I was giving birth to a pig baby. Luckily this time, I had the tech explain the pictures and I could see more of what she saw.

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