Wednesday, February 12, 2014

6 Signs You Might Spend a Lot of Time at a Hospital

Since so many of our posts are more serious when we're updating about Max, I thought I'd do a fun one :-)

6 Signs You Might Spend a Lot of Time at a Hospital

1. The nurses continually encourage you to go grab lunch or go outside to get some sun.

Yeah, I could probably use some Vitamin D.

2. You go home or to a public place like a restaurant and automatically reach for the non-existent hand sanitizer mounted on the wall.

The same things applies whenever someone coughs or sneezes.

3. You've become so accustomed to sleeping in a recliner/on a tiny couch that your regular bed at home feels huge and decadent. 

My jumps aren't as high since I'm still healing from my C-section
but I'm getting there.

4. You catch yourself using hospital lingo when talking to non-medical people.

I don't know how to speak like a regular person anymore.

5. You've lost all concept of time and instead of marking your days with the sunrises and sunsets, you mark them by morning and evening rounds.

You mean nothing to me.

6. All you want to do is take and post pictures of Max.

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