Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Let the Wild Rumpus Start

Hello everyone! 

I wanted to update sooner, but things have been a bit hectic over the last few days.

As most of you heard by now, little Max Michael Percy Bananafone, I mean Bannon, joined us on Monday at 10:01 in the morning. He weighed 6lbs 7oz, measured 19.7" from head to toe, and is absolutely perfect. 

Max and his mom. He wouldn't let her move her hand.

Max stayed at St. Joseph's Hospital for the day and was transferred over to Phoenix Children's Hospital later that evening. He is on a cocktail of medications as the doctors attempt to find the perfect balance for his very new system to keep him stable while we await a transplant. He has been an absolute trooper throughout everything and has been spending most of his time sleeping and resting up from the last few days. Many have noticed and commented on Max's physical strength and impressive fine motor skills. He is often feisty with the doctors and nurses, especially when he tries to kick away the sonogram probes, pull on his ventilator tubing, and fight from having his temperature taken. However, they all have said that he is incredibly cooperative when needed and has the ability to stay incredibly calm while under extreme duress. He is is definitely a little toughguy. 

"You talkin' to me?"

Emily is a rockstar and made it through the surgery with flying colors. She was released from St. Joe's today so she no longer has to be separated from Max. Despite undergoing major abdominal surgery for Max's delivery, Emily has begun to recover rapidly and is impressing everyone with her Superman strength and incredible attitude. Like her son, Emily's reputation among the Phoenix hospitals already precedes her. 

Max's demeanor has greatly improved upon being reunited with his Mom and he knows when she is in the room; plus he is probably starting to heal from the wounds caused by the Denver Super Bowl loss that we don't talk about.

It's all about that silver lining, right?

Jokes aside, everyone is doing beautifully and I couldn't be more proud of my amazing family.

What a handsome boy.

Emily will be updating shortly once she feels a bit more back to normal and I will try and post again soon. We will try our best to keep everyone informed and updated as we begin this journey with the little man.

Thank you to everyone for the thoughts, prayers, calls, messages, and outpouring of support. We are greatly humbled at the amount of love we have been receiving from everyone. We are extremely grateful for all of you and cannot thank you enough for everything you have and will do for us in the future. 

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