Monday, April 14, 2014

Big Weight Gain . . . and a Step Backwards

It's time for a new blog post!

Today we went in for Max's routine blood draws and clinic visit. Everything looked great through his echo and his EKG and our transplant coordinator was really happy with his progress. Not only did his tests look good, but he's been gaining weight--Max now weighs over nine pounds!

We were feeling really great about Max's appointment . . . until we heard from the transplant coordinator. Apparently Max's white blood cell count is really low which means he's at a much higher risk for infection than he already is. He's always immune suppressed because of the risk of rejection but now it's low enough that the doctors are taking him off two medications and we'll have to go in for additional blood draws on Monday to check his levels.

Sigh . . . sometimes it feels like we're taking giant leaps forward and then we have to take a step backwards. Having his blood count so low is really serious because if he catches anything, Max will most likely have to be re-hospitalized.

For the week, we're going to have to be extra vigilant about how much Jon and I are exposed to so that we don't accidentally bring something home that we could give to Max. This essentially means that the three of us are going to need to be on house arrest until we get his labs drawn again on Monday.

Good thing we like each other.

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