Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy 4th and a Quick Update at 5 Months!

Happy (belated) 4th of July!

We just wanted to post a short update on how Max is doing. We don't have any medical updates yet because our next appointment isn't until later next week but Max is doing really well otherwise. He has such a wonderful, fun disposition and he spends most of his time smiling and laughing.

He's been rolling over a lot lately and holding up his head more and more (it's a lot of work for such a little guy to hold up such a big head!) and I think he might be close to teething. We've got lots of teething toys on hand for when he starts but in the meantime, he's just content to hang out with us and be adorable.

Max is five months old now which is such a big deal for us--every month that we have him is longer than, at one point, we thought was possible. We'll be at five months post-transplant on Tuesday and the hospital feels like another lifetime. Yes, we've been on house arrest for almost three months due to low blood counts but we're so grateful that we have Max. Our little guy is such a trooper and we find his strength and happiness so inspiring to us and we feel so lucky to be his parents.

We had a pretty funny moment yesterday that I thought I'd share. Max is normally very easy going when I nurse him--not easily distracted, super chill, etc. Yesterday, however, when I was feeding him in the afternoon he decided that I wasn't allowed to make any noise while he was nursing. If I said anything to Jon, Max would stop nursing and give me this look:

Naturally, this made me laugh so he'd give me the look again and I'd laugh again . . . it was a hilarious vicious cycle.

We hope everyone had a good 4th of July and we ask that everyone please keep their fingers crossed for us that when we go in for Max's clinic appointment we'll find higher blood counts!

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