Thursday, September 4, 2014

7 Months Old! Updates and FOOTBALL

Yesterday our little superhero turned seven months old! We've been though so much but looking back I'm wondering where the heck all the time went.

Oh, right.

Since the biopsy, we've mostly just been hanging out at home (are you surprised? I bet you're surprised). It took about a week for Max to get back to his normal routine after the biopsy since the anesthesia really does a number on him but he's back to being his usual, happy self.

Unfortunately, we've had to go back last week and then again this week for more blood draws since his anti-rejection med level still isn't quite right. I hate that the IV team has to poke him in the big vein on his head but at least they don't have to do multiple pokes like they need to with other kids. Our transplant coordinator is trying to help us consolidate our appointments though, which is nice, and instead of going in for his biopsy/catheter follow up appointment today, we're going in next week on the same day we're getting the next round of blood draws. We also have a physical therapy appointment next week to get him checked out and make sure no complications arose during his procedure.

Gotta love physical therapy.

Outside of all the medical stuff, things have been going well. Max recently discovered that he has a tongue and has been sticking it out at us at every opportunity which is hilarious. His favorite book at the moment is Dr. Seuss's "Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?" and he will insist on multiple readings in one sitting.

At our house it's more like "Mama can moo!"

I nearly have it memorized at this point but that works out in our favor. If Max is being grumpy during a diaper change, I can usually distract him by reciting parts of the book.

Pictured: me

Today we're getting ready for the start of football season which, at our house, is like Christmas and all of our birthdays rolled into one.

I miss John Madden.

Courtesy of Jon's aunt Patty, we're going to dress Max up in a onesie to make him look like a football for today's game and then on Sunday he'll FINALLY get to rock his Peyton Manning onesie. When I first told Jon I was pregnant, I gave him that onesie so this has been a long time coming.

We love you so much, Peyton.


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