Saturday, May 9, 2015

Guess Who Has Two Thumbs and is Bad at Updates?

It's us. We're bad at updates.

We're sorry about the lack of updates! We 've been bad because things have gotten busier for us. Jon and I both found work from home jobs (yay!) so we've been working pretty much all the time. But we wanted to post an update about how things have been with Max!

Overall he's been okay. We haven't had to check him into the hospital since February which is great but we've had a few close calls. Most notably, in March Max got a fever of 103.0 degrees but after an afternoon at our pediatrician's office and a series of tests at Flag Medical Center, we got to stay home and were able to get his symptoms under control. Fevers are always scary for babies but it's always in the back of our heads that a sudden fever like that could be a sign of acute organ rejection. Luckily everything looked okay and through it all, his heart function is still good. The general consensus seems to be that he just caught a random virus. The worst part though is that the high fever caused him to get a few fever blisters on his lips which are just now FINALLY starting to heal. We would be out in the world doing more stuff but with such a big entry point for infection, we've had to lay low until very recently.

Max has also needed oxygen a few times overnight but we got an O2 concentrator so we don't have to worry about running out/dealing with an empty O2 tank. He doesn't need it often but whenever he gets a stuffy nose or has a change in altitude (like going to Phoenix and back), he'll usually need it for a night but he hasn't needed it during the day which is great.

Physical Therapy
We're working on getting Max back into appointments with a physical therapist but in the meantime, he's made awesome progress. He's sitting up really well and can get himself up to sitting from a prone position. He's not crawling yet . . . but we have a suspicion it's because he's either lazy or too smart for his own good. If he wants a toy that's out of his reach, instead of crawling he does one of four things:

1. Tries really hard to reach it from where he's sitting without moving.
2. Shouts at one of us to get it for him.
3. Flops down and rolls across the bed/floor/whatever to get it.
4. Decides it's not worth it and plays with something closer.

He's a bit of a stinker.

He's still super chatty and he's started to get more conversational (answer questions, responding to what we say, etc.) which has been awesome. However, he is very shy and doesn't really like to talk in front of other people. When we were at Max's last heart clinic appointment, he wouldn't talk to anyone when they were in the room but as soon as someone left and closed the door, he'd whisper, "Bye bye!"

". . . but only after you leave."

The Outside World
With cold and flu season FINALLY over (despite the sudden May snowstorm in Flagstaff because WTF), we can finally start integrating into society and stop being shut-ins all the time. We're slowly starting to venture in the world which is both terrifying and amazing.

"Okay, we're ready!"

This is very much a condensed version but that's what's been going on with Mighty Max! Hopefully we'll be able to start seeing more of you so people can actually meet Max instead of just taking our word about our hypothetical baby no one has seen.

"Suuuuuure you had a baby . . ."

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