The Doctors

Here are a few of the doctors we've been seeing who work with Max with links to their bios.

Wrong doctors.

Dr. Robert Puntel, MD, FACC

Dr. John J. Nigro, MD
Co-director, Phoenix Children's Heart Center
Division Chief, Cardiothoracic Surgery
Program Director, Heart Transplant
Pediatric & Adult Congenital Surgeon

Dr. Stephen G. Pophal, MD, FACC
Co-director, Cardiology
Division Chief, Cardiology

Dr. Daniel A. Velez, MD

April Colón, CPNP
Transplant Coordinator

Susan Park, CPNP
Heart Failure and Transplant Coordinator

These are only a few members of our team. We've also worked with the doctors and nurses of the CVICU, social workers, coordinators, and so many other members of the PCH family who are supporting us and helping us through this period of our lives.

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